Northern Europe

If you have sailed the Mediterranean backwards and forwards and now craving something new in Europe, there are plenty of countries in the North suitable for your next yachting vacation. This one will suit both sea wolves as well as for newcomers in sailing. Northern Europe is often being underestimated as a destination for yachting, however, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, Bay of Biscay and the English Channel can boast of stunning views along with offered wilderness, tranquility and comfy conditions for traveling.


Once you’ve decided to discover this area, you cannot miss exploring different Fjords of Norway — it will be an adventure of a lifetime. Carved by enormous glaciers over millions of years, they majestically rise bringing a unique experience for both yachtsmen and lovers of nature. Sweden is also worth your attention, both countries offer up-to-date marinas and easy navigation.


Northern France or so-called Brittany is another area that beckons: less crowded on the water, it potentially captivates more novices in yachting, so it’s a perfect spot to rent a bareboat. It goes without saying the region provides a wide selection of catamarans, yachts, and superyachts. Moreover, it offers warm waters in the season and numerous islands with peaceful anchorages to explore with the convenience of your charter yacht. If you are seeking to have a look at the Northern Lights dance, pay attention to Scotland — a perfect option for sailors who like quiet places and do not mind medieval Castles in combination with beautiful lakes. 


Even though the sailing season is a bit shorter in Northern Europe, this is a place a yacht enthusiast cannot simply miss. It’s time to take a look further afield than the regular charter destinations — do not wait to contact our manager and book the best available boat or yacht to Northern Europe.