Mediterranean Sea

A sailing vacation in the Mediterranean is always a good idea: it provides not only thousands of marinas, but numerous possibilities if you want to rent any yacht, bareboat or catamaran, not mentioning different activities and range of cultures. The Mediterranean is surely the most popular region for yachting, it stands for an unforgettable sailing vacation for millions of sailors all over the globe. 


The thing is renting a yacht here allows you to explore the coast from Croatia to Turkey. The other good news is that when it comes to the season, it lasts from mid-May to October and in some countries, say, Turkey, till November. Take a cruise nearby St. Tropez and Cannes? Moor for a few days by the Italian Riviera? Combine several counties in the itinerary? It’s only up to you. All of the regions promise to meet expectations even of the most demanding yachtsmen, not mentioning mold climate that welcomes you 5 months in a year.

  • Floating along French Riviera (Côte D’Azur) is a box every yachtsman wants to tick. It offers not only spectacular views but palm-lined boulevards, luxury restaurants, and casinos. France is a country that never goes out of style: since famous actress Brigitte Bardot had paid attention to St. Tropez in the 1960s, it instantly became a desirable travel spot for many.

  • Numerous of sailors choose Greece first and foremost since it has more than 5,000 (!) islands. You may spend sailing days in the sea on a yacht or a boat and end up evenings on completely different islands. 

  • Choose between Dubrovnik, Vodice, Zadar, or other beautiful places to discover Croatia that is still being a bit underrated.

  • Italian Riviera is the best destination for each and every sailor. Traditionally Sardinia or Sicily are two must-visit places for every sailor. The Aeolian Islands (Lipari Islands) are never out of style —  they form a volcanic archipelago that will catch your eye once and forever.

  • Turkey, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Spain are just a few more marvelous countries in the Mediterranean that surely worth exploring.


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