Indian Ocean

Speaking about winter yachting destinations, it is surely the Indian Ocean; the one washes shoes of Madagascar, Maldives, Seychelles and other islands. 


Seychelles is probably one of the best spots for skilled sailors, but charter companies may ask you to fill out a skipper summary. These islands can boast of the largest fleet in the Indian Ocean: renting a catamaran is extremely popular here since one has less sediment and can easily cruise to shallow lagoons. As well as the majority of exotic regions, it’s prohibited here to cruise at night because of coral reefs and shallows.


How about starting your journey across the Indian Ocean from Madagascar? No doubts — it’s one of the wildest and untouched yachting regions. The charter is available only on the tiny island of Nosy Be, but it is available only with the local captain and a cook. It can offer unique nature, excellent fishing experience and the last but not the least — welcoming people. If you want to escape from the rushing world — go to Madagascar and rent a yacht without any hesitation.


The Maldives is a shimmering dream not only for those who like to lay out in the sun and enjoy the scenery from TV commercials but also for numerous yachtsmen. There is no such an option as bareboat rental, however, there are motor yachts for diving safaris or large sailing catamarans ( starting from 60 feet) with a crew. Speaking about the latter, you can book one or several cabins on such catamarans. You can sail to well-known Mauritius as well - sometimes you are able to rent a catamaran with a skipper in this area.


Speaking about the weather, the Indian Ocean has a common tropical climate, with an average water temperature +26 C and an air temperature of about +29 C. The best time to sail in this region is from November to April, as the rainy season starts in spring and summer. When it comes to the wind, the northwest prevails and later changes to the southwest.


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