The Caribbean diversity has always been captivating both inexperienced sailors and professional yachtsmen. Yacht charter in the Caribbean boasts of numerous destinations: Cuba and Barbuda, Antigua and Grenada… These are just a few countries you can indulge yourself with renting a catamaran, a compact boat, or a superyacht. Along with such popular destinations as Greece, the Caribbean offers more than 600 (!) islands. If you crave to explore not one, not two, but three + spots at once, the Caribbean will suit and exceed your expectations. Open waters, tropical climate, and amazing coral reefs come as a nice bonus for a sailing vacation. Depending on your starting point, you can arrive at the British Virgin Islands, Martinique, or any other base. It goes without saying the region is extremely popular for yachting during the winter season: all-year-round the temperature does not drop below 25 ° C. Speaking about the water off the coast, it’s about 22 to 26 ° C. 


The majority of destinations such as Cuba, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Martin, and others offer yacht rental services for both novices and experienced sailors. If you are new to yachting, look through the skippered yachts we offer. In case you feel confident as a skipper, rent a bareboat. The latter implies you’ll have a chance to take a look at such amazing lagoons as Tobago Cays.


Do not hesitate to contact Yacht Travel and find out more about available yachting routes and sailing cruises in the Caribbean. No doubts that quintessence of torque water, all-year-round summer, picturesque bays and shores, some lovely anchorages, and numerous activities such as carnivals and concerts worth your attention.