Atlantic Ocean

Azores and Canaries, Madeira, Cape Verde, and Portuguese coastal regions… Have you been thinking to charter a yacht here? The Atlantic Ocean has definitely something to offer. You can wrap yachting in the Atlantic in one word — diversity; each and every archipelago is completely different and unique. Let’s say, Azores (San Miguel Island, Fayal Island, etc.) boast of extra-humid climate and thus these islands look like a jungle. Another reason to visit this region is taking a look at stunning volcanoes.


When it comes to passages, they are between 40 and 50 miles, so Portugal is the perfect spot to combine yachting and exploring the coast by car. Speaking about season, it lasts from June to mid-September; during this time you can even stumble upon whales and dolphins in the ocean. However, yachting in the Atlantic requires decent experience and confident skipper skills, so it’s more suitable for experienced sailors.


Canary Islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote) — many sailors are in love with this region because of the mild climate all year round and fair prices. The yachting season is from November to April; during these months charter companies transfer the fleet from the Mediterranean to the Canaries.


Madeira is one of the most famous regions in Portugal, this is the spot of incredible beauty. However, the choice of charter yachts is not wide, as well as route options - there are only a few of them, so Madeira is good for a 7-days cruise.


The farthest, but no less beloved region in the Atlantic is Cape Verde. This region is closer in Africa, therefore it boasts of a drier and warmer climate than Azores or Canaries, and the choice of charters is not that broad.


Yachting by the Portuguese coast is developing with each upcoming season, One Way routes are available with a start in Cascais, Lisbon, or Portimão. If you feel confident sailing independently, rent a yacht right away and enjoy the picturesque islands of the Atlantic.