Asia implies not only tours and relaxation at villas but appears as a popular and underrated yachting spot as well. This region is primarily known for charters in Thailand and Malaysia. Lots of wild lagoons, bays, caves, and even uninhabited islands — that’s truly a place for a nature lover. Sailing in Thailand and Malaysia is a golden opportunity to rent a catamaran/yacht and discover places where no tourists have ever set foot. How about anchoring at night near Phi Phi Island and then come to the famous May Bay at the dawn, where the famous movie  “The Beach” was shot (starring Leonardo DiCaprio)? You can also stay on the island till the evening not to miss the spectacular fire show.


Speaking about the major destination for yachting in Thailand, it is the northern region of Koh Chang, as well as the southern part of Thailand with a starting point from the Phuket Peninsula. From the latter, you can go along the islands of the Andaman Sea to Phi Phi, Krabi or pick the western direction - the Similan Islands. You can also plan a route through the famous island of Koh Tapu, where in the 1970s the film "Agent 007" was shot.


Malaysia is less popular but definitely worth seeing and trying it as a yachting region. To say that yachting in Malaysia is exotic would be an understatement. If quiet and unspoiled islands is your thing, then choose this direction with no hesitations. It’s a great place to be alone with nature and simply relax for a few days. The main fleet of yachts is located on the island of Langkawi.


If you’re about to order a charter in Asia, it is better to choose sailing catamarans or pick yachts with a generator and desalination. It will provide you full autonomy during traveling because there are not so many well-equipped marinas in the region. To find out more about yachting in Asia and to book a catamaran or a yacht at a reasonable price, contact our manager.

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